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Filka za 10 rubley

Filka za 10 rubley

The action “Filka for 10 rubles”

From 06/04/2019 to 08/31/2019, order the “California Tempura” roll and the “Caesar” roll - get the “Philadelphia” roll for 10 rubles!


1. The action is valid for delivery, in a cafe and with you;

2. The following products are involved in the promotion:

- Roll "California Tempura"

- Roll "Caesar"

- Roll "Philadelphia".

3. Simultaneous participation in other promotions is not allowed;

4. The promotion is not cumulative with other ongoing promotions and offers;

5. The action is not cumulative with the charging and cancellation of auto-rubles;
6. The promotion is valid when ordering through the site, application, call-center, administrators in a cafe;

7. There are no restrictions on the number of purchases of promotional goods per customer in the promotion;

8. Please note that free delivery is carried out from 400 p. with discount (Moscow / Khimki - from 600 r). When calculating the cost of delivery includes only its own production.

N.B. The organizer reserves the right to complete the action or change its conditions, or to change the type of gift products (pizza, rolls, discounts) during the term of the action, notifying via the company's official website no later than 24 hours before the changes take effect.



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