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Online game

Online game "Who had time, he ate"

Online game “Who had time, he ate”

From 04.06.2019 - 08/31/2019, play an online game on the site, earn points and get tasty prizes. And most importantly, each of you has a chance to compete and become one of the first in the struggle for the main prize - a year’s supply of rolls!


When ordering through the site at the last step of placing an order, the client will have a "Play" button (if the conditions for participation in the promotion are fulfilled). After clicking on this button, the client can take part in the game and score a certain number of points during the game.
The winners of the online game are waiting for three main prizes (in terms of the amount of points scored, for the entire duration of the promotion):

1 Place - Annual stock of rolls (36 pcs.) + Souvenir products

2 Place - Annual stock rolls (18 pcs.) + Souvenir products

3 Place - Annual stock of rolls (9 pcs.) + Souvenir products

Every day (when recruiting from 41 points) each participant is given the opportunity to win prizes depending on the number of points received in one game:

 June prizes

41-100 points - Roll “Honey Jump”

101-150 points - Roll "Two Tempura Cheese"

151 points and higher - Pizza "Cheddar" 40 cm (for the format of the cafe Avtosushi / Avtopitstsa) or Seth "Jubilee" (for the format of the cafe Avtosushi)


July prizes

21-40 points - Roll "Carolina"

41-60 points - Roll "Volcano with tuna and salmon"

61 points and above - Creamy Salmon Pizza 40 cm (for the Avtosushi / Avtopitstsa cafe format) or Jubilee Set (for the Avtosushi Cafe format)

 Prizes of August

21-40 points - Roll "Tomago Spice"

41-60 points - Roll "Yin and Yang Tempura"

61 points and above - Pizza "Burger" 40 cm (for the format of the cafe Avtosushi / Avtopitstsa) or Seth Jubilee (for the format of the cafe Avtosushi)

Online game conditions:

In case of a set of necessary quantity of points the client receives a daily prize;

Daily prize can be received once a day;

For delivery: the game is offered with a check amount of 1000 rubles;

On pickup and in a cafe: the game is offered with a check amount of 600 rubles;
The site avtosushi.rf and avtopitstsa.rf on the page with the action posted: the rules of the game and participation in the action, a description of the game and the tournament table.

The site displays a separate standings in 10 lines. The table displays the participant's phone number in the format (8920 *** 6267) and the number of points.

At the end of the promotion, the overall result is summarized and 3 winners are selected to award the main prizes. Results are summarized on September 5, 2019.

1. The action is valid for delivery, in a cafe and with you.

2. The promotion is summed up with all the ongoing promotions and offers.

3. The action is summed up with the accrual and cancellation of autorules.

4. The promotion is valid only when ordering through the site.


N.B. The organizer reserves the right to complete the action or change its conditions, or to change the type of gift products (pizza, rolls, discounts) during the term of the action, notifying via the company's official website no later than 24 hours before the changes take effect.


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